Server Suggestions?

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Server Suggestions?

Post  Red Fhenix on Sat Dec 29, 2012 6:35 pm

Thought i Would make this to bring up server suggestions since there is currently no place for it so just place server suggestions here.

Here Is My List:

Add Following Jobs:

Super Hero(can fly but no noclip, has super punches and buffed health (max 1?))

Parkour Guy(uses parkour mod to annoy people or assasinate people)

Ninja(with ninja rope swep)

Ninja Master(similar to mob boss but is in charge of ninjas)

Psychopath(earns no money but kills people with knife and steals earns $300 each kill(unable to buy guns)

Car Salesman(sells cars)

Black market Dealer(sells stolen goods)

Remove Following Jobs:

Heavy Gundealer(should Merge this with gundealer like how it used to be)

Medic(blocks buyhealth, is a hassle to find, buyhealth is easier to do)

Modify The Following Jobs:

Gundealer(see remove jobs)

Civil Protection/SWAT(add handcuffs swep)

Mob boss (add anti handcuff swep (if CP and SWAT get handcuff swep)

Medic(if he stays add defibrilator)

CP/SWAT(make arrest baton less OP e.g two hits to arrest or something like that)

Other Things to change:

Make a crossbow shipment

Add More Silenced weapons

make Hobo bugbait not as useless (makes dizziness effect?)

Bugs that i have noticed that need fixing:

Deagle Uses 357 ammo instead of pistol ammo

Gun Dealer sell shotgun that cant blast open doors (not a bug?)

Too many lua errors occur from time to time

Red Fhenix

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Re: Server Suggestions?

Post  wingslll on Sat Dec 29, 2012 7:27 pm

Good idea's
I exacly like medic
Maby rename it to ParaMedic Smile
And Super hero needs be the Moderator rank.
Handcuffs are very hard to make or you dont want a model Razz


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Re: Server Suggestions?

Post  Zackyo on Sat Dec 29, 2012 8:27 pm

Some stuff are good. But i dont like it to be a supernatural server either (superman). Its hard to get custom model's these days for gmod 13. Ive could have porting some models but that would take time & proably waste of time too.
On the zombie rp, we got this so called "Parkour Guy" but renamed it too "Ninja". I made the job with climb swep2 on it, so its kinda freerunning & stuff cheers . And the "Ninja" thing, i will be uploading Spiderman Swep to the server. Also "Psychopath" is kinda a bad suggestion. We dont want anyone to just random killing people, even if their job is to do so. Also, you want more "Silent" weapons, well the RP server hasnt FastDL, so i think that maybewill be a problem. The arrest batom thingy is kinda more complex than you think. Ive tried to modify a swep that i wanted to make less good. If you gonna change that, it might take some time (not 3-7 days but not 1 hour either) trust me, you will be tired of watching numbers & letters lol! .. But the rest is good.

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Re: Server Suggestions?

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