Ezio's Admin Application

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Ezio's Admin Application

Post  EzioAuditore104 on Sat Dec 29, 2012 9:48 pm

1. Your age. My Age is 13 I will be 14 in a few months.
2. Your real name. My real name is Caleb Crews.
3. Your nick name. My Nick name is [OG] EzioAuditore104
4. Your steam id. STEAM_0:0:45469508
5. Where are you living. USA
6. Why we must take you. Because I would really love to be an adminstrator on the wonderful ZombieRp server and enforce the rules on the server, I really do love zombierp. Also I am very use to the commands.
7. Do you know about E2. Nope
8. Are you wondering this server about got ranked in 1 day ? : I really already knew this wonderful server get ranked so fast, It's a wonderful and fun ZombieRp Server.
9. Do you have been on other servers admin ? Yes I have. I've ben Admin and mod on many servers. But alot of servers had abusing admins, Most of the servers I was on I was really the only one who wasn't a minge or abuser.
10 : What rank do you want : I really was looking foward to admin so I have the punish commands to punish the rulebreakers.
11 : What are you skills? I have a pretty good memory, I have a choosing one so if I read the rules I can remember alot of stuff on the ruleboard. I'm also a pretty good guy at roleplaying.
12 : What is your reason that you must be a admin ? Because I would really like to enforce the rules on this wonderful ZombieRP server, I also have good skills of memorizing the commands.
13. Do you know some about this server ? Yes I do, It's an ZombieRP server and you have to defend yourself against the horde of zombies coming for you.
14 : How long you playing this server ? Almost 1 day.
15. Are you been looking for a good rp server ? Yep
16 : Are you with the rules of the server ? I do follow them, So I suppose I am with the rules
17. Will you agree the rules ? Yes, I agree
18. What you will if there is a hacker with Seth Hack ? I will ban him permantly, The rules are your warning of your gameplay, Hackers also ruin everything on servers like this.
19. What you do if there is a propblocker ? I would give him a warning to remove his prop and if he didn't listen to me and did it again I would kick him then if he did it the third time It would be a ban.
20. Do you like the owners ? Yes I do, I think there nice, But I only met one.


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