Mahdi sharawi App for Admin

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Mahdi sharawi App for Admin

Post  mahdisharawi on Mon Dec 24, 2012 9:02 am

1. Your age. 14
2. Your real name. mahdi sharawi
3. Your nick name. TsR.Mahdi Sharawi
4. Your steam id. STEAM_0:0:25273168
5. Where are you living. Palestine
6. Why we must take you. Well im skilled and i can obey rules well
7. Do you know about E2.Im well skilled with E2
8. Are you wondering this server about got ranked in 1 day ? :Yes it will get ranked
9. Do you have been on other servers admin ? Yes i have been
10 : What rank do you want :Admin/Scripter if you want
11 : What are you skills I can behave well,handle trolls and harssments,and not get mad easily and script shipments and jobs
12 : What is your reason that you must be a admin ? I mustn't i'd like to so i can help the server improve
13. Do you know some about this server ? Yeah i know 2 Players John Freeman and Yolo
14 : How long you playing this server ? 2 hours
15. Are you been looking for a good rp server ? Yes for too long
16 : Are you with the rules of the server ? Yes i agree to the rules
17. Will you agrea the rules ? Yes i will Agree*
18. What you will if there is a hacker with Seth Hack ? ban him for sure
19. What you do if there is a propblocker ? I'll warn him to remove and if he refuses i'll remove them and kick him
20. Do you like the owners ? Why not Smile


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