dark RP jobs I made for an old clan

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dark RP jobs I made for an old clan

Post  Disturbed on Tue Jan 01, 2013 1:06 am

First of all "HAPPY NEW YEARS!!" And I've just been so nice to give you something that made a server I use to DEV for famous. It's the S.A.S v.s CANADA!

There's a Canadian commando, armed with the m4a1, lock pick, deagle, door buster(forget what it's called ATM) skin of models/Humans/Group03m/male_07.mdl (only can be one)

And his squad, Canadian troopers (armed with same stuff) different models, (can be 3)

(Still in progress because of gmod 13 coding)And the Canadian heavy, armed with mp5, deagle, m4a1, and the m60. Model (in progress) (can only be one)

Now the S.A.S, the commando armed with ak-47, deagle, unarrest stick, shotgun and AWP, models/players/ct_sas.mdl (can only be one)

S.A.S troopers are armed with the same stuff minus the shotgun and sniper, models/player/ct_urban.mdl (can be 3 or 4)

S.A.S heavy armed with m60, deagle, AWP sniper rifle, model(in progress) can only be 1 or 2)

I also made a DEA agent

I'll post the story later

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