Server Rules(Linked to MOTD)

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Server Rules(Linked to MOTD)

Post  mahdisharawi on Tue Jan 01, 2013 11:00 am

Server Rules
1. Prop Spamming is Not allowed at all times!(K/B)
2. Prop killing is Not allowed at all times! (K/B)
3. Each base can have 3 keypads,No fake keypads allowed,Minimum Fade time is 5 Seconds. (W/J/K)
4.No Microphone spam,for god sake we can hear you if you say it once. (W/J/K)
5.Random killing is not allowed,if you don't have a valid reason to kill then don't! ( Reasons Explained at Bottom) (W/K/B)
6. NLR is not allowed,going to the place you died in to protect it,before 2 minutes pass. (W/K/B)

Valid Reasons to Kill someone:
1. Breaking into Your base,Keypad cracking or lockpicking
2. if he shot you or tried to kill you.
3. Hitmans only: if someone told you to kill him, aka placed a hit.
4. Police only: if you see him cracking or doing something illegal,and you can't arrest him because you'll die.
Invalid reasons to kill someone:
1.You don't like him
2. Saw him cracking someone keypad,not yours.
3. Helping him to escape from cops unless he's your base mate.
4. he just killed you,that's breaking rule Number 6.

Admins Legend:
W : Warn
K : Kick
B : Ban (No perms unless really Necessary)
J : Jail
Jobs Rules

You're Allowed to have printers.
You're not allowed to raid.
You're Not allowed to help thiefs break into bases

Rebel and Rebel Leader:
You're Allowed to have Printers
You're allowed to raid

Gun Dealer:
You're allowed to have printers
You're not allowed to Raid
You must have a shop to sell guns
You must sell at least 1 kind of shipment not only pistols

Medic And Cook:
Medic allowed to help in raiding
Medic allowed to have Printers
Cook can't raid
Cook must have a shop
Medic allowed to base with thiefs and Rebels and mafias

Must make laws for the city
Not allowed to print
must Assign a Swat Leader
Must gives license for gundealers for a price less than 500$

allowed to build in the street
Not allowed to print
Not allowed to raid
Beg for money or sing

Allowed to print
1 Thief for all the gang,not allowed more.
Your allowed to raid

Your not allowed to print
You take hits from people
1 hit on same target per 5 minutes

Swat/Cp (Chief)/CP:
Your job is to blow up printers
Raid pllaces if suspicious for Printers,GET A WARRANT
And protect the mayor


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